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Shaun Searle is a graduate of Colorado Christian University and has been in financial services for over twenty-five years. He spent his first eight years with New York based firms. As the industry was changing dramatically, Shaun founded ​Harbor Wealth Management, LLC in July of 2006.

In whatever endeavor, serving people has always been a driving force in Shaun’s life. He chose the financial services industry so that he might enjoy lifetime relationships with clients and their families. Prior to financial services, he was a sales representative for a construction company for 10 years.

He has been privileged to be married to Janice Searle for over forty years. They have four adult children; two remain in Oklahoma while two are in Florida. They have three grandchildren.  Shaun enjoys several hobbies including flying, cycling, gardening, and farming. He also has an addiction to rusty old trucks.

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